Sep 01

Java Glossary | Java Dictionary-part 5

21) boolean :

boolean is one of the primitive datatype in java that contains either true or false value.

Ex : boolean b=true;

22) Boolean:

Boolean is an wrapper class which wraps a value of primitive type in to Object.Boolean class has many methods to convert Boolean value to Strings and other methods for dealing boolean value.

23) Bootstrap class loader :

This class loader loads java core classes such as java.lang,java.util.It loads the classes from JRE/lib/rt.jar.

24) breakStatement:

A break statement transfers the control .break statement has the following uses:

  1. It terminates the statement in Switch Statement.
  2. It is used to exit loop.When a break statement is used inner loop it only terminates inner loop,outer loop remains unaffected.

25) binarySearch():

binarySearch() method is used to search for a specified value.This method is applied for sortedArrays.

syntax :

static int binarySearch(byte array[ ], byte value)
static int binarySearch(char array[ ], char value)